Charles Knowles Design : Architects

Selected Praise from Clients

June 2018
“ It takes your breath away. Every time I see it, I can’t believe it ”
Andrew T - MD Gravetye Manor
“ I think the restaurant looks stunning and beautiful and it is thanks to your design and vision. Thank you. ”
“ It is thanks to Charles’ creative vision that we have this stunning new restaurant to take us to a new level, it is a game changer. ”
Elizabeth and Jeremy H - owners Gravetye Manor
29th April 2016
“You contributed so much to my fantastic flat and I am grateful that I found you!”
Olivia H - Eaton Sq
16th March 2014
“The drawings look great and appeal to our minimal amount of fuss with maximum light.”
Lucinda C - Wiltshire Country House
4th October 2014
“ We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you for hastening through the pre-app and being as persuasive as ever in getting agreement. As on so many occasions before, we are obliged to you for making such a difference to our short stay in this world. ”
Piers M - Wiltshire Country House
28th October 2014
“ We love the flat. It has turned out so well! So thanks very much for everything. We are really enjoying our “new” home. ”
Ida A - Chelsea Penthouse
18th December 2014
“ Thank you all for our absolutely splendid new home…We think it’s brilliant. ”
Philip & Ida A - Chelsea Penthouse
7th March 2013
“I thought your plans and designs were very interesting and imaginative, and congratulate your team”
Alexander M
12th June 2013 
“Great work!”
Ahmed R - Knightsbridge Restaurant
29th March 2012
“It is a most amazingly designed staircase, but I can see that it works.”
Philip A - Chelsea Penthouse
16th March 2011
“You are a wizard; certainly this would be a vast improvement in how one could use the space/the house and well worth all the effort and fight - thank you for your perseverance, general genius and diplomacy.”
Piers M - Wiltshire Country House
16th March 2011
“I share Piers’ sentiments - how clever you are. You make small changes which hardly change the overall and satisfy the planners - thank you.”
Sally G M - Wiltshire Country House
21 April 2011
“Excellent !!!!! Well done to you and Ross! Thanks a lot ! It is a really good design.I will bath in the warmth of your success while eating my choc eggs.”
Sean C - Tunbridge Wells
13th Oct 2011
“I felt it was important for the new building to make a bit of a statement…….there probably isn’t anything to this standard anywhere else in the world”
Howard B, deputy CEO, director of operations and director of estates and facilities
21st June 2010
“ …particularly given the great team that we had put together and we appreciate your excitement and commitment to the project”
Mark and Nikki L - Barnes house
21st August 2009
“So many thanks for all you have done, really amazing and something to really take forward.”
The Hon David N - Country
15th September 2009
“My thoughts are that the design is really innovative. (Hopefully Mr E will think the same). The curved first floor is very different and modern but compared to some of the backs of the other buildings around there I can’t see how the planning office would have an issue with the design.”
Virginia DM - London