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West Indies Courtyard House

Designed for a corner plot with road on three sides, part of a development of standard two storey house types set in the middle of their plots.

We developed an inward facing single storey house protected from overlooking and the road by a high external wall. The house has a number of outside courtyard rooms for pool/garden/private spaces/etc interconnecting with the intermediate spaces for eating/entrance hall/etc and inner rooms for beds/baths/kitchen/etc. All doors can be left open as security is provided at the perimeter and all outside spaces are entirely private from either each other and/or the outside world. A planting zone around the outside is designed to encourage the growth of bougainvillea etc to keep the wall cool.

Inside/outside space is blurred by the use of large overhangs, variable jalousies rather than glazing and inside/outside decking. High level natural ventilation, orientation and shading is designed to keep the house comfortable.

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